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How do retail shoppers engage in shopping related activities?

  • 41%

Shoppers use Facebook for shopping

  • 63%

Most commonly buy products in-store

  • 50%

Say social shares are influential when deciding on purchases

What social media advertising means for marketers?

 Allow shoppers to research and evaluate products seamlessly as they do instore.
Consider promotional offers, showcasing video of products and 360-degree images to capture interest and drive visits.


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Allow our social media experts to showcase your products at their best. Static images and video work better together across Facebook. Studies show a mixed format have the highest conversion lift compared to static only.

(1)  Audience Insights

We specialize in delivering qualified audiences and make it easy to find your target customers based on location, demographics, interests and behaviors.

(2)  Reporting Insights

Feel confident in your social advertising through shareable reporting, actionable insights, best practices guidance, and real-time optimizations.

We will build you a unique media plan based on the marketing criteria necessary to meet your goals & deliver results

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