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Before the digital advertising era, marketers would rely on traditional media channels to reach customers through TV, radio, and print. As digital technology across the internet emerged, it soon became a popular means of supplementing traditional advertising to reach more customers.   This continuous ad tech revolution has

introduced various mediums, platforms, and channels used to reach customers; all of which have their own rules of engagement. Naturally this technology has changed consumer consumption which has increasingly become fragmented for which marketers have adapted their marketing strategies to ensure they cast a net wide enough to reach every device in households today.

In this revolving new world of marketing, it is hard to know which method of advertising will make the biggest impact as each customer has their own preferred content channel. This boils down to a customer’s age, activity frequency, and location; it is dependent on every customer’s personal preference—an aspect that cannot be predicted and varies per customer. This explains why using the wrong platform or channel can negatively affect your customer engagement and experience. It is crucial to learn what customers prefer to guarantee maximum results through advertising.

Breaking Through Advertising Clutter

To ensure your ads stand out, it is imperative to find a way to break through the clutter. Advertising products or services requires implementing marketing strategies that captivate consumers that captures their interest and establishes an awareness factor. Designing social ads with a goal of viral status will reach tons of consumers quickly.  These ads require unique and creative concepts. Such as producing comedic and memorable videos of your products, promoting entertaining contests, or providing useful tips. These tactics will aid in grabbing the attention of consumers while also maintaining their interest.

Additionally, ensuring that your brand presents content that includes a variety of benefits your consumers will gain upon using your products or services can also help to break through that clutter. Show your brand’s value with the words you use to convey why a consumer should become a paying customer. By creating and utilizing unique slogans or catchphrases that communicate these benefits help to make your brand recognizable and stand out from the rest.

Making use of public advertising tactics such as advertising on vehicles, buses, or subway tunnels help increase brand recognition by displaying your products in high traffic locations. Advertising in public spaces can be effective as consumers tend to be more attentive when in transit or waiting around in the public.

It is safe to say that Google is the place to go when searching for products or services, which is why it can be considered an effective way to gain new customers. Using a Google Search campaign will help you attain customers as they search for relevant key terms. When tackling the appeal of your advertisements, creativity is of utmost importance. Making use of various images, infographics, gifs, and videos can significantly increase the quality of your advertisement. Whether it be an elaborate way to picture and display your product or a video showcasing your product being used to improve the quality of someone’s life, putting forth extra creative effort will garner positive attention.

How We Can Help

Frontline Digital is dedicated to providing your business with appropriate digital solutions that help to reach your target audience. We work at your side to identify the needs of your business to develop a comprehensive marketing solution aimed at establishing your digital footprint. After gaining a full understanding of your business strategy, we will focus on attracting new prospects by creating personalized ads to be displayed across a variety of media channels. Frontline Digital offers display, video, and social advertising along with paid search, mobile solutions, and email marketing. We find out what your business needs to convert visitors into customers and are dedicated to providing you with the most effective marketing strategy to make your goals become reality.

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