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Coupons that once arrived in a mailbox can now be sent digitally.  A method more convenient in the modern age.  It has always been crucial for marketers to provide consumers with coupon enticements to purchase their products.  So, it is no surprise that the use of digital coupons has become more popular. Coupon distributor, Valassis released a March 2019 report which shows how likely each generation is to use eCoupons.

Based on these findings, it is evident eCoupons are more commonly utilized by most generations.

Convenience and Accessibility

According to a recent study, 90% of consumers use coupons in some way during the buying process. One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional couponing is the fact that many consumers forget to have their coupons available for use when needed. Because the norm is always to have your cell phone with you, utilizing eCoupons makes a lot more sense. Consumers are more likely to successfully use coupons so long as they are easily accessible and simple to use.

Targeted eCoupons Drive Sales

Most consumers would prefer to receive coupons for brands and retailers they favor. It is why companies ask if you would like to be added to their mailing lists. Receiving a coupon intended for you is more compelling than receiving one from a retailer you’ve never heard of. One survey shows that more than 60% of consumers have signed up for e-mail marketing lists that offered them a coupon. Therefore, it is feasible to assume consumers who signed up are more likely to make a purchase.

eCoupons Drive Behavior

A survey by CodeBroker shows 60% of consumers would respond to an eCoupon within a week of receiving it. To add to this, 25% of the consumers surveyed stated they would redeem their coupons within three days of receiving them. Research proves eCoupon delivery is highly effective. This boils down to the idea that when coupons are delivered in a way that is preferred by the consumer, consumers are more likely to take action.

It is projected that 66.2% of internet users will use eCoupons this year.  Therefore, marketers should ensure they provide easily accessed eCoupons, targeted to the consumer, and sent in a personalized manner.

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