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Connected TV

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Connected TV

Frontline Digital offers multi-channel advertising to allow businesses to spread their marketing message quickly and effectively across all digital platforms including Connected TV Advertising / OTT Advertising platforms. Use connected TV advertising to reach highly engaged audiences on a big screen and in front of premium video content. With our top CTV and OOT advertising, advertisers can broadcast advertisements on Smart TVs and OTT devices with apps like Hulu, Sling, AT&T NOW, Roku TV, PS Vue, and Crackle, just to name a few. CTV/OTT advertisements not only help your company drive awareness through the #1 format of television —but also allows for precise targeting and measurable performance capabilities.

Leading Benefits

  • Reuse your :30s tv ads.
  • Viewable & Non-skippable.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Precise targeting.
  • Measurable performance