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For any business, deciding on an advertising strategy can be a complicated feat especially when the use of social media marketing has become so common and is ever-changing. With that being said, all businesses should determine what their ultimate advertising goals are before marketing on a platform as popular as Facebook. Facebook offers two different methods of advertising: boosted Facebook posts and Facebook ads. Although each of these methods are similar in many ways, one may not be able to meet your business’s advertising goals; this is why being aware of their differences is crucial when choosing a method of advertising that is most beneficial to your business’s goals.

What are Boosted Posts?

A boosted post can be described as a post that has been amplified in order to be seen by an audience of your choosing. This method of advertising is less complex being it is not created in Facebook Ads Manager, which offers more options for targeting customizations. When a business applies money in order to boost a specific post, they are given the opportunity to input their target audience, budget, and the desired duration of the boosted post. This allows the boosted post to appear higher on their target audience’s News Feed. Although this method does encourage consumers to visit your website and engage with the boosted post, it does not allow a business to fully capture their precise audience.

What are Facebook Ads?

A Facebook advertisement is a more targeted campaign with very specific marketing goals. Facebook Ads are most commonly used when trying to drive more traffic to a website, promoting events, or increasing engagement. Facebook Ads Manager offers various advanced customization features that allow businesses to create ongoing advertisement campaigns that extend their reach beyond their customary audience. With Facebook Ads, businesses are able to choose different ad placements, create custom audiences, and much more—all while maintaining their creative control. Since Facebook Ads offers such an abundance of targeting capabilities, businesses are able to reach consumers that will not only drive traffic to their websites, but also increase their website conversion rate, drive in-store traffic and ultimately generate more revenue.

Which method should you use?

Before selecting a method of advertising, a business should determine and establish what they are hoping to achieve with their advertisements. If your ultimate goal is to promote your Facebook posts, enhance audience engagement on your website, or maximize visibility, boosting a post is an effective way of achieving this. Boosting posts is an advertising tactic commonly used to drive engagement and increase brand awareness. Although this method provides limited opportunities to maximize a business’s ad spend, it is still known for being a simple way to grow an audience.

If your business would benefit from a more targeted advertising strategy that is designed to reach a wide audience, increasing website traffic and conversions to lift sales, a Facebook Ad may be the most efficient tactic. With Facebook Ads, you have variety of optimization options that include language and behavior targeting and extensive audience customization. Because this method is so strategic and particular, it allows for businesses to establish clear objectives to effectively expand their social media presence.

Why should I pay someone to run ads for me?

We get this question a lot at FrontlineDigital.  While we always encourage business owners to do it yourself and save money, hiring a professional to setup and manage a campaign within Facebook’s  platform will save you time and eliminate unnecessary costs associated with a learning curve to achieve the best performance.

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