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Google has postponed the removal of third-party cookies from its Chrome browser until at least the end of 2023, a year later than planned. The corporation announced last January that these cookies would be gone by 2022. According to critics of Google’s deprecation of cookies, ad suppliers would have no alternative than go directly to Google for data, giving Google an unfair edge for targeting consumers. This is due to Google's plans to replace the system with one of its proprietary...

How does this impact advertisers? A major change in mobile advertising is coming this spring: Apple’s privacy control will soon require mobile app developers to ask permission from users before tracking them. Although a specific date is yet to be set, the outline that was provided gives some insight on when it may arrive (late March or sometime in April). It is more than likely this will lead to a multitude of people who will choose to maintain their privacy. After learning...

When the financial investment enthusiasm for digital advertising technology companies was at an all-time high in 2013, the Ad Tech industry had a Wild West feel to it. Investors were eager and impressed with ad networks and emerging technology. After a lull by the year 2015, investors concluded they should dismiss any technology that was struggling to reverse the sector’s low margin, high volume dynamics given the Ad Tech LUMAcape looked like a plate of spaghetti and every company claimed...