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Home > Uncategorized  > B2C Marketing Strategies: Part 2 – Create a Marketing Plan

If you have read Frontline Digital’s “Connecting to Customers” blog, you now know the primary steps of B2C marketing strategies.  So let’s think about how to create your own customized plan because the best way to connect with your audience is to create a marketing plan based on what you know about your clients and their preferences.

Start by developing customer personas to determine which content and marketing strategies for which your customers are most likely to respond.  For this, you will need to collect customer data and do some light analysis.  For instance, if you know most of your customers consist of a younger age demographic, then you might be better served by social media marketing and creative contests versus direct mail and television advertisements.

Depending on your target customer’s profile, different marketing strategies will be more effective over others, which is important to understand when there are so many advertising options and a fixed budget. Here are some steps to follow when forming your own marketing plan:

Step 1: Connect on a Personal Level

Applying what we learned in our “Connecting to Customers” blog, buyer decisions are made based on emotion not business.  Think of your customers like human beings – not just ATMs. Establish real, valuable connections with your audience.

Whether you are posting on social media or writing blog articles, make sure you are creating content that demonstrates your values, shows your authentic side, and helps your customer to understand what your brand is about.

Step 2: Focus on Experience

In a world where there are countless competing products in any niche, 8 in 10 consumers will pay more for a better customer experience. This means that brands need to find ways to excite and delight their clients on every level. For instance, this could include running social media contests, giving customers multiple ways to get in touch, or having great services like free shipping or loyalty rewards.

Step 3: Invest in SEO or Paid Search

Importantly, customers still look for companies using search engines. The key to success is making sure that you show up wherever your clients might be looking for you.

Think about how your target audience/customer might be shopping or looking for services. They may search using a hashtag on social media, use “Hey Siri” on their phones or type phrases and questions into Google? Do not overlook the value of being at the top of a search results page.

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