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Home > Uncategorized  > B2C Marketing Strategies: Part 1 – Connecting to Customers

There is no ultimate guide to engaging your audience with a B2C marketing strategy. As new marketing channels, preferences, and technologies continue to emerge, it makes sense the B2C environment will continue to shift and continue to become more and more fragmented.

It is worth noting that many companies involved with B2C marketing will focus on three essential tiers when they are choosing the right strategies for promotion.

Step 1: Make Customers into Ambassadors

Customers are more likely to make decisions based on emotion than businesses. However, that does not mean that your prospects and clients don’t need a little help when it comes to trusting your brand. In a highly cynical world, today’s leads are looking for indicators that they can trust your company before they make a purchase. This means that B2C marketing campaigns rely heavily on reviews.

There are various forms of customer reviews out there, testimonials, ratings and “likes” on your social media pages. The first tier of many great B2C marketing strategies involves transforming current happy clients into ambassadors for your brand. These ambassadors can then help to convince new customers to purchase from you, instead of a competitor.

Try transforming a customer into an ambassador by:

  • Using referral programs to distribute rewards every time someone refers a friend.
  • Asking for testimonials and reviews from happy clients.
  • Displaying user-generated content on your website and social channels (for instance, pictures or videos of someone using your product/service)

Step 2: Spread Awareness through Consistent Content Marketing

Whether you are creating a B2C marketing plan or a B2B campaign, content should be at the heart of everything you do. Today, content marketing is the ultimate inbound method for attracting people to your company through interesting and relevant posts on your blog, video channel, or social media pages.

If you want to create both brand recognition and awareness for your company, then you need to make sure you are constantly producing a stream of diverse content. The easiest way to start is with regular blog posts and articles that help to demonstrate your industry authority, inform customers, and improve your search engine ranking. After all, SEO still matters in the B2C marketing place.

Once your library of written content starts to grow, you can also think about implementing other media formats like podcasts, video blogs, and infographic designs.  These services can be purchased if you do not have the time to invest in generating content.  We recommend using a digital marketing company offering content marketing services like Frontline Local.

Step 3: Use Social Media to Establish Relationships

Finally, the third step of your B2C marketing plan should be to invest in social media so that you can connect with customers and supplement your other advertising efforts. Social media marketing has quickly emerged as one of the most important online tactics for today’s brands, as it allows them to talk to their clients in a more human, fast-paced environment.

B2C clients simply want to feel a sense of affinity with the brands they choose. While proof of value can still be important, B2C customers are more likely to be swayed by your marketing messages if they know you share similar values as them.

Use social media channels to harness these critical relationships and connect to customers by following above marketing strategies.  If you need help establishing social business pages, please also refer to Frontline Local’s social management services.

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